People matter. It’s a lesson I have studied in a philosophy class, a lesson I have lived through decades community organizing, and a lesson I have enforced during 35 years of representing medical malpractice victims. People matter. Families matter. Loved ones matter.

Of the things I have done in my life, helping friends after they have received a terrible diagnosis has been quite meaningful. I have connected them with leading experts on their diagnosis.

Sometimes the experts have been leading authors on the medical subject. They have been directors of NIH units that focused on the disease. The experts have offered second opinions and have given patients overviews of their best options. A few times, the experts have chosen to treat the patients.

Sometimes, the experts have helped the patients solve the medical problems. Other times, they have provided the families with the peace of knowing that no stone was left unturned.

For example, several years ago, a colleague with five children called to ask for help after he had been diagnosed with myeloma a second time. I connected him with the world’s two leading authors on the subject. Each had authored over 400 articles on myeloma. Today, my colleague is doing well. He no longer fears for his life. He has seen, heard and celebrated his first grandchild.

Another friend contacted me because she could not find a neurosurgeon in her state to operate on her son with Chiari Syndrome, which involves the cerebellum descending into the top of the spinal canal. I was able to connect my friend with an expert at the NIH. That expert enrolled the young man in a registry and flew him to the NIH for evaluation. After a week, the expert informed the family that surgery was indicated and offered to perform it the next day, for free. The family has felt enormous relief.

I have developed strategies to help connect patients with leading experts. I have seen the difference it makes. I have heard patients express their relief when it works. I have decided to make this my life’s work. People matter.


I promise to do my best to help you connect with the experts you need. Still, I need to be honest with you about what I can and cannot do. I am not a physician or health care provider.  My services are performed as a private patient advocate. I am not providing medical advice, legal advice or any professional advice of any kind.  You should seek medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment from duly licensed physicians before making any decision related to medical care.  I assume no liability or responsibility for any of the advice or information you may obtain from medical experts or others that have been contacted as a result of my services. Further, my services are not covered by any health insurance company. You are responsible to pay my fees without expectation that they will be reimbursed by a third party.  Finally, the letters that I prepare and require extensive research and preparation.  They are a special and unique proprietary asset of my business, and not generally available to the public.  Therefore, I ask that you agree not to copy, share or disclose them to any other person or use them for any purpose other than through the services I am providing to you. I look forward to working with you.