“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009. At 3 years, my local doctor did not know what to do with me since she expected me to be dead by then. Sometime in that time frame, Lee reached out to me, wanting to help an old friend, and sent my story to several hundred physicians who had written on the subject. We received approximately 50 responses and from there were able to identify the leading doctors in this field. As a result, I had a phone conference with one of them and ultimately began treating with another of the leaders. I am still alive 8 years later and enjoying life as well as my first grandchild even though my first doctor did not think that I would live beyond 3 years. I can thank Lee for leading me to the right doctors that have been instrumental in keeping me alive.”


“My 25 years old son began to experience severe, chronic headaches, numbness in his hands, and spots in his vision. His MRI detected that he had Chiari Malformation. I took my son to a local neurologist who knew very little about the disorder and offered my son some allergy pills. I called Lee Tilson to ask who I could trust to help my son. Lee didn’t just recommend someone. He immediately showed me how to research the disorder and find experts in the field. Within weeks, I was able to talk to neurologists and neurosurgeons around the world. Soon, I found an expert at the National Institute of Health who included my son in a clinical trial that included the necessary surgery to resolve the issues. With Lee’s help, I had every confidence that this doctor was the right one for my son.

Next week, it will be 5 years and we will have completed the 5 year trial. My son’s symptoms are totally gone and he is out of danger of any life threatening consequences from the disorder. As a scared mom, I don’t know what I would have done without Lee. Our family will be grateful forever to Lee Tilson.”


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